Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You are invited to a special event that will feature music as a healing tool along with first-person stories from those who have overcome addictions! A Night In Recovery

            Gilbert, Arizona (April 14, 2011)  Bringing hope to those trapped by addictions – from pornography to alcohol and drug abuse – addiction counselor and singer/songwriter Rachelle Call will present “A Night in Recovery” Thursday, April 14 in Gilbert.  It will be held at the Gilbert Community Center from 7-9 p.m. in the Oak Room. The event is free.

            This unique evening immerses the audience in powerful, affirmative music as well as special guest appearances from members of the Gilbert community sharing their own stories of addiction recovery. It is for anyone associated with a 12-step or celebrate recovery program or for friends and family members wishing to assist loved ones struggling with in an addiction problem.

            Call said “A Night in Recovery,” sponsored by R Legacy Entertainment, was designed to accelerate the recovery process by focusing on the hope and healing part of recovery rather than “victimhood” and its self defeating behaviors that invite a never ending cycle of shame and guilt.  “People struggling with addiction are often filled with guilt and shame. They feel like losers,” said Call. “A Night in Recovery emphasizes hope and shines the spotlight on individuals who are putting their lives back together or are on a more positive pathway. It’s a place for those in addiction recovery to talk, tell their story, and feel the positive effects that music can have on the heart and mind.”

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