Monday, April 11, 2011


Did you know that addictions actually change your brain, and that your pre-frontal cortex (your reasoning and thinking area) diminishes in size and function as your addictions grow?

How different would your life be if you found that you had:

* 5+ hours per day to do something good for your life?
* the ability to say no to things that destroy your financial stability
* relationships of trust and warmth
* self confidence and self love
* more job opportunities

You are invited to a free workshop, given by Garrin Griffitts, MSW, LMSW, counselor and life coach, Tuesday, April 12, 7-8:30 pm.  Please RSVP to

The Address is:  591 E Elliot Rd, Gilbert, AZ (west of Gilbert Rd, east of Lindsay, adjacent to the canal on the south side - with a white vinyl fence around the 60-year old home).

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