Monday, April 11, 2011


Each day we CREATE an entirely NEW day!  Whatever it is - is our creation!  No matter what happens to us, what happens around us, or what we choose to spend our time thinking and doing, it is our THOUGHTS that have a greatest impact on what our life will be (that day).  When we add each day (of thinking and doing) it becomes the sum of our life!

1.  We operate out of our subconscious minds up to 90% of our lives, unless we learn to check and change our thinking.
2.  Our subconscious mind is created from a) genetics, b) in-utero experiences from our parents, c) Our infant and child life (that we remember nothing about, d) negative experiences and things that kids or adults said or did that hurt us.
3.  The divine beings that we are include the opportunity to CHOOSE!  We are not locked into our subconscious thoughts and the life that they create!
4.  We LEARN to THINK CONSCIOUSLY - to CHOOSE the thoughts that we will entertain - because ultimately they will determine what our life will be.
5.  We have the gift of CHOICE - to increase our ACTIONS and THOUGHTS from our pre-frontal cortex (our conscious mind) - and to reduce the "automatic" thoughts that come in from the subconscious to undo our highest opportunities and a joyful life (no matter what our circumstances).

TODAY CHOOSE TO THINK GOOD AND POSITIVE THOUGHTS, DO GOOD AND POSITIVE ACTIONS  (it can be as simple as smiling at people, walking in the spring weather and feeling this beautiful world, doing something for someone else, or just recognize a thought that doesn't serve your life and not allowing it to creep in anymore)!  CREATE YOUR DAY AMAZINGLY - and when you fall apart - START OVER!

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